Trimming Down with Tea: A Weight-Loss Wonder Brew!

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Research has shown that drinking tea can provide you with a huge range of health benefits. Having a cup of this aromatic beverage every day can protect the cells of your body from damage, soothe your digestive system, keep your bones healthy, and even help you lose weight.

All types of tea can provide you with some form of health benefit. However, different types of tea retain different nutrient content. So, they are suited for different purposes.

All types of tea are derived from the leaves of the same evergreen shrub known as ‘Camellia sinensis’. Depending on how the tea leaves are processed, tea can be classified as green tea, oolong tea, black tea, white tea, and yellow tea.

If you want to lose weight, drinking green tea is your best. However, you should also be on a healthy diet program and exercise regularly in order to see significant results.

Why is green tea beneficial for weight loss?

Green tea is loaded with caffeine and a flavonoid known as Catechin which helps to increase the metabolic rate of your body, improve your insulin activity, and even increase fat oxidation.

A faster metabolism helps your body to burn more energy and fat oxidation helps you to get rid of excess fat in your body.

In a study conducted in 2008 over 60 obese people showed that drinking green tea in conjunction with following a fat loss diet and exercise program can help you to lose an extra 7.3 pounds(3.3 kg) than people who only follow an exercise or diet program.

Another study showed that consuming green tea in conjunction with following a healthy diet can help to lose an average of 2.9 pounds over 12 weeks.

This is why green tea is known as the ‘weight loss tea’.

How to consume green tea for weight loss

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You don’t have to gulp green tea all day long in order to see the benefits. Drinking about 2-3 cups per day will do the trick. Of course, the results will vary for different individuals based on their body weight and metabolism.

If you want to see the best results, drink matcha green tea which is a type of concentrated powdered green tea. Matcha green tea is the richest source of antioxidants and nutrients.

Don’t boil green tea leaves directly in boiling water as heat is bad for catechins. Instead, boil the water separately and let it rest for 10 minutes. Then, pour it over the tea leaves and brew it for about 1 minute. If you brew longer, the taste will change.

Green tea is the best tea for weight loss. However, if you don’t like the taste of green tea, you can substitute it for any of the following –

Pu-erh Tea  

Fermented Chinese black tea is known as pu-erh tea. It has an earthy aroma and is often served after a meal. 

Studies conducted on animals have shown that this tea may help lower blood triglycerides and blood sugar levels. Another study conducted over 70 men has shown that consuming pu-erh tea extract can help you to lose 2.2 pounds(1 kg) over a period of 3 months.

Thus, pu-erh tea can help you to lose weight, control obesity, and even suppress weight gain.

Black tea

It is the most widely consumed tea in the world. This type of tea is much more oxidized than other types of tea like oolong, green, or white tea.

The dark color of black tea is a result of the oxidation process where the leaves are exposed to air.

A study conducted over 111 individuals has shown that drinking 3 cups of black tea regularly for 3 months can help in weight loss and even reduce your waist circumference. Another study conducted over a period of 14 years over 4280 people has shown that people who consume black tea had a lower body mass index(BMI) than people who don’t drink it.

Researchers believe that black tea is good for weight loss because it is rich in flavanols which is a type of plant pigment that has properties similar to antioxidants.

Oolong tea

Partially oxidized traditional Chinese tea is known as oolong tea. The color of this tea is lighter than black tea but deeper than green tea. It is also more oxidized than green tea.

Oolong tea has a fragrant and fruity aroma which provides it a unique flavor. However, you should note that the flavor can change depending on the level of oxidation.

A small study has shown that consuming oolong tea 3 days straight can improve your metabolic rate by up to 2.9%. This means you will burn an average of 281 calories in a single day. Another study conducted over 102 overweight people showed that consuming oolong tea for 6 weeks may help you to reduce body fat and body weight by increasing the energy expenditure of your body.

White tea

This type of tea is minimally processed and is the most different than other types of tea. In fact, the tea leaves are harvested while the tea plant is still growing or quite young.

White tea has a delicate and subtle taste. It is also a little sweet which provides a distinct flavor from other types of tea.

Some test-tube studies have found that white tea extract can prevent the formation of new fat cells and even break them down. This may be because white tea has a comparable amount of catechins as green tea.

There is not a lot of research done on white tea for weight loss but it is known to improve oral health and even kill cancer cells.

Herbal tea

Herbal tea differs from regular tea because they are not made from the leaves of ‘Camellia Sinensis’. This type of tea is actually made by infusing herbs, fruits, and spices in hot water.

herbal teas offer different tastes and flavors and make a seductive substitute for sugary beverages or water. Not only is it delicious, but some herbal teas also improve your health and overall wellness. Actually, herbal teas have been generally put to use as natural cures for all sorts of sickness and diseases for centuries.

Some popular varieties of herbal tea include rosehip tea, rooibos tea, hibiscus tea, and ginger tea. Among them, rooibos tea is preferred for weight loss as it can increase fat metabolism and even block the formation of new fat cells.

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