5 Best Places to Get Great Affiliate Products You can Promote

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Affiliate Programs

You can’t earn income in affiliate marketing without the products. The good news is, there are a lot of products outside there on the internet you can choose from. But where do you find the best affiliate products to promote on your blog?

As an affiliate marketer, your mission is to search for a product already in demand in your niche that will best serve the needs of your audience. Whether you’re looking for the best kitchen accessories, digital products, or the latest tech gadgets, you want to provide a large range of products for your readers to select from and ultimately purchase with the help of the strategies you employ in marketing.

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to find great affiliate products to promote by sharing a few of the top affiliate programs online today. From there, we’ll leave you to explore these programs and discover ideal products that will skyrocket your affiliate sales. Let’s dive into it! Note: Are you new to Affiliate Marketing? Read this article first — Affiliate marketing for beginners

5 Places to Find Great Affiliate Products To Promote


Amazon Affiliates
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Also referred to as Amazon Associates. Here are some reasons to consider their affiliate program:
They have an awesome ability to upsell, which means you could be in for big commissions. Upselling simply means recommending items that are related to the product of interest through the purchasing process.
You are rewarded for selling more. Did you know that your commission level with Amazon starts around 4-5%? Not really a lot, right? But the more sales you make, the higher your commission rate. You can earn around 10%, which can really accumulate on higher ticket items.

Note that there are different affiliate programs for each Amazon store location, and you’ll have to apply to each one separately:
United States (US) Amazon Associates Program
United Kingdom (UK) Amazon Associates Program
Amazon Germany (DE) PartnerNet
Amazon France (FR) Club Partenaires
Japan (JP) Amazon Associates Program
Canada (CA) Amazon Associates Program
China (CN) Amazon Associates Program
Italy (IT) Amazon Programma Affiliazione
Spain (ES) Amazon Afiliados
India (IN) Amazon Associates Program
Brazil (BR) Amazon Associados

NOTE: Amazon doesn’t take kindly to cloaking affiliate links. Should you choose to cloak your links and they find out, it can result in expulsion from their affiliate program. Affiliate link management plugins like ThirstyAffiliates have uncloaking feature in their plugin. It enables you to track and manage all your Amazon affiliate links and also satisfies the program’s stricter terms of service surrounding link cloaking.


Click Bank
image from Clickbank

ClickBank is another popular affiliate network with over 500,000 members worldwide. As you can check, Clickbank makes it easy to find affiliate products to promote on your blog. ClickBank’s major source is digital sales and info products such as e-books. However, they offer physical products also which you can promote as well. Like Amazon, You can review reports in real-time, as ClickBank provides statistics of data on sales, cancellations, refunds.


image from Rakuten

Rakuten is where you can get Cash Back for shopping at over 2,500 stores. Becoming a member is free! Stores pay, a commission for sending you their way, and it shares the commission with you as Cash Back. You can also refer your audience to join and you’ll get paid a commission as they buy products.

Why Use Rakuten?
Caters to your short- and long-term affiliate marketing goals.
Provides up-to-date reports on your progress as an affiliate.
They are an enterprise-level affiliate marketing service, which makes them easier to work with.


Share A Sale
image from Shareasale

ShareAsale is regarded as a trusted affiliate marketing network that has spent over 20 years growing its network. is actually among the first affiliate networks established and continues to provide amazing products within many different categories. These offerings include {everything from organic/green products items to all kinds of business services.


eBay Partner Network
image from eBay

The eBay affiliate program is also referred to as eBay Partner Network has also been around for several years and has a strong, supporting reputation. With more than 162 million active shoppers and five million sellers, eBay offers a better option to find relevant items to promote to your audience. It’s also open to 13 countries around the world, meaning there’s a good chance you can tap into global markets.

Why Use eBay?

Creates links for single listings that you can share on your blogs and social media.
You have access to their database, which allows you to personalize the feed on your site.
Delivers easy-to-understand reports as well as analytics aimed toward improving and measuring performance.
they offer customer service in five different languages.
They provide you with up-to-date tips and relevant trends in the affiliate marketing industry.


In this article, we’ve highlighted the top five affiliate programs most commonly known in the affiliate marketing world, including:
Amazon Associates

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