How to Make $100 Per Day Google AdSense.

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Have you tried to make money online? Have you dabbled in Shopify? Or, you’ve got your Amazon FBA. Maybe you’ve got a course, or you want to start your own YouTube channel. So what if I shared with you the exact strategy that I use to make $100 a day off of Google AdSense? I actually pulled back the curtains and showed you exactly what I did. This strategy is called RPP Model — Research, Publish, Promote

What is Google AdSense

How I started making $100 a day with Google AdSense, and if you’re not familiar with what Google AdSense is, basically all you’re doing is creating a free Google AdSense account, and once you get the account open, you get that code that Google provides you, you copy and paste that into your website of choice, and that’s when you start making money, but if it was that simple, obviously, there’d be more people doing it, and it took me over nine months before I received my first check from google. Very small, barely enough to buy groceries for a family of three. That Google AdSense check was $152, but it was life-changing because it showed me that I could make money online.

Now, thankfully, I didn’t believe myself. Maybe I was just too ignorant not to give up. Either way, I pushed through and I finally figured it out. That first check that I made was $152, and eventually, that check grew. It went from $152 to $200, and then $500, and then $1,000, and then $5,000, and then, it led to other opportunities, and other revenue streams, but it all started with cracking the AdSense code. So, how did I do it?
Well, the method I used is called the RPP Method. It’s a three-part process. Research, Publish, and Promote


All right, the first part of the RPP Method is you have to research. If you just start publishing content without any research, you’re not gonna make anything. Now, What do you search for? how do you do research? In a simple statement, you wanna do keyword research. You want to know what people are looking for in google searches. Having excellent keyword ideas is the first step in making a good income from any content you put in your blog.


In this post, I will recommend this tool for your keyword research. very simple, beginner friendly. How do you do keyword research in Ubersuggest? Very simple and straightforward

So you set up a new account here preferably using your google account. This is what I did. Click here to open a new free Ubersuggest account. The free account permits you to do three keyword research per day. It’s quite ok to start with. This is where I was getting a lot of my keyword ideas, and my keyword research.

You have real data, exactly what people are typing into Google. So, Google is showing you what else, information people are trying to get from Google. You’re getting all these ideas, and once you get the ideas, that’s where we move on to the next step “Publish”.


All right, so now you’ve done all the extensive research that you need, and you’re ready for step number two, which is the first P of the RPP Method, “Publish”. Now, you are ready to publish this piece of content. Once you’ve hit publish, you’re going to grab the Google AdSense code and insert it.

You just copy and paste that into your blogging platform of choice, and it’s there. Note, you just can’t hit publish on a piece of crap content. There was a time back in the day when you could publish an article that you bought off of Fiverr for $5. Most of this article could even be written by someone in a foreign country that doesn’t know how to use English properly. You could rank in Google, put your AdSense code in, and you’re making money. Well, it doesn’t quite work that way nowadays. So when you’re doing your research and you’re looking at the articles that are currently in that top 10 Google search, you want to go through each of those, and you want to see, how are they structured.

Quality Content

How many words does each article have? What do they cover in the content that you’re trying to publish on your own site? Because the goal here is to produce the best piece of content for whatever keyword that you are targeting. That is a must. So your goal isn’t to hit publish on something that’s 200 words and copy and paste the AdSense code.

It doesn’t work that way. Now, I will say this, the beauty of blogging and publishing articles is that once you hit publish, it doesn’t mean that the article is done. There’s this beautiful thing called the edit button. You can always edit your article. Just because it’s live on your site doesn’t mean that it can’t change.

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Actually, as a blogger, you’ll do this on an ongoing basis. That is, you’re always updating old content with new information. Google loves updates, they love fresh content. So just because you hit publish today doesn’t mean that you can’t go and add new updates, new content tomorrow, next month, or even next year.


Well, now, you’ve published your first piece of amazing content, so you want to promote it. That’s right. We’re on the third step of the RPP Method. You just put a lot of work into this piece of content that’s going to help people. So you don’t wanna be afraid to not promote it. One of the easiest things to do, first of all, is to promote it to the people that you know. Chances are, these are gonna be your Facebook people, right? You know them.

At least I hope you do unless you’re one of those weirdos that accepts friend requests from anybody and everybody. Don’t be one of those people because you deserve better. Make sure that these people aren’t from some foreign country trying to just get your information. Come on, you’re worth it. Don’t do that.

You can also promote this on Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Whatever your social media platform of choice is, that’s where you want to promote it. As you begin this journey of being a blogger, and a content creator, you’re also going to join different Facebook groups.

Maybe there are forums that these media creators are hanging out with, so this is where you want to socialize. Network with these other creators, and start sharing some of their content so that you can share your content with them. Hopefully, they’ll share yours with their followers, audience, and their community. This is how you promote.


All you have to do is research. Get keyword ideas, know what people are looking for and make your content. make great content. Informative, the one that will solve a problem, and then you hit publish. Then you promote. All of a sudden the AdSense checks will just start rolling in.

How To Make Money With Google AdSense Program


Well, it does take a little bit more work, and there is a major fact really that has to do with your site. For your article to be found in the search results, you’ll need a backlink. Backlinks are also known as inbound links. These are links from one website to a page on another website.

Backlinks are important to SEO. If someone link to your page then it is referred to as a backlink how many backlinks do you have to your domain, and where those backlinks are coming from will give your site domain authority, and this is a scale of one to 100, and typically if you are in that 30 to 60 range, you have a really good shot at competing in search results.

Also, how many backlinks do you have to your article? So how many other sites are linking back to the article that you published? Now, you can see this is why having those connections matters. Link to other content creators that will link back to you, and this is how you do it.

It takes time to do this, but once you have those backlinks unless the site creator removes them, they don’t go away. These are all trust signals showing Google how reputable your site is, and how reputable that piece of content is. This is the same with Yahoo and Bing.

Yes, now there’s more competition. Also, there are so many more resources and tools that allow you to do research, publish and promote. You can easily crack content that is ranking, and make money. You can easily make $100 a day without doing much work at all. You can move up to thousands.

So what do you think? Do you think you have the potential to make $100 a day off Google AdSense using the RPP Method?

So here’s a cool thing. If you start off making $1 a day, $5 a day, well, if you can get to that point, then, you can go over to 1000 a day.

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