How to Get Google AdSense Approval Without Content

Google AdSense Approval

In this post, I will share with you the step-by-step guide on how to get approval from Google AdSense as fast as possible in less than 48 hours and even without content. All you need to do is to follow these 7 steps. I want to assume that you already get a blog setup if not you can refer to this post and follow step by step guide to set up your blog in 20 minutes.

1. Three Must-Have Pages

You must add popular pages like the Contact Us page, Privacy Policy, and Terms. How do we do that? there are free tools online to generate these pages. Such as Privacy Policy Page Generator and Terms & Conditions Generator. Simply with one click you can create the page and paste it inside your website So create a privacy policy page Terms and the Contact Us Page

2. Get Google Analytics and Search Console

Make sure you add your website to both the google analytics and google search console so that Google can track and index your website This step is a very important step and very easy to do. This plugin will help you quickly get this set up. “Site Kit by Google” plugin. Search for this plugin from the ‘add new plugin’ tab in your WordPress. install and activate the plugin. you’ll be able to configure Analytics, and Search Console accounts for your new site.

3. Organize – Create Categories

Make sure you add a list and categories to organize your website. Google likes to see organized websites So make sure you add the list and categorize your website into subcategories and pages otherwise your website will look underdeveloped and you may get rejected because your site looks as if it’s in the development stage.

4. Themes and Plugins

You will have to use a clean and simple theme to look professional. You can use a free theme with some free plugins like a jetpack Yoast SEO, WP Super Cache, and lots more. It must just look simple, nice, and clean. That’s it Just make sure the branding is good and your website looks somehow professional like this It’s simple and clean

5. More Posts

If you already have a blog and you publish articles and posts, Make sure you publish between 15-20 posts before applying to Google AdSense. Now to be clear this is not a requirement from google but from my experience I found if you have 20 articles it will be better. when I applied I had about 15 posts and got approved within 24 hours. Some bloggers got approval with nine posts and ten posts, yes it does. In general, in my experience, it is better to have 15 to 20 posts to be on the safer side.

Using AI Content Generator

Before moving on to the next step, let me ask a very important question I always get. “If I use AI content creation tools to create articles and posts will I get accepted, Is this accepted by Google?” Using AI to create content by just copying and pasting will not work. If you’ve been using AI content to post in my experience this didn’t work.

Use any AI content creation tools as a writing assistant and not just create, copy and paste. So if you are writing an article use this free tool as your assistant it helps you follow your sentences, and write paragraphs to help you In writing and not just writing the full article as I told you so far in my case study it’s not working.

6. Get Google Indexing

In my experience, it is always better to wait between 30 and 45 days before applying to Google AdSense Don’t just publish your website and submit a request Wait for it. To have Google index your website,

It may take 1 month or 45 days. Add some extra content, and make sure it’s complete when Google checks your website it will look like a live website and not something in development so is patient and wait for at least 30 to 45 days before applying.

Should you use PLR content

PLR stands for private label rights. We have a lot of PLR sites where you can buy or download content for free and you can use them on your website so you are allowed to use it. We don’t have copyright issues. But does this allow you to get accepted into AdSense? Again from my experience if you use only PLR contents you will get rejected. Try to use it with manual contents- Mix things up. The best options, are to use PLR content to generate content ideas, rewrite, and use.

7. A Tool Site

One of the main and most important factors to get fast approval with Google AdSense without a piece of content is to buy scripts from codecanyon, install it on your site, and that’s all. SEOanalyser is a tool site also Even if you don’t have any one piece of content on your site, you’ll quickly get accepted.

You don’t need to publish any content you just need to get more visitors and earn more money. How do you get quick approval from tool sites? From my experience I’ve noticed if you want to get approval quickly for example in 24 hours for any website, even these sites one thing that will do that is get 10,000 page views per month and page views not visitors so by simple arithmetic it’s about 333 page views per day Believe me if you work 1-2 hours a day max you can get much more so while waiting 30-45 days before applying to Google AdSense this month just work 1-2 hours a day to get those page views.


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