CPA Marketing For Beginners — 30 Days 500$ Blueprint

cfa marketing

Here in this post, you’ll learn about CPA marketing. A free step-by-step, complete business plan from day one starting from zero dollars no website no audience to the 30th day with around $200 to $500 revenue.

What is CPA?

CPA or commission marketing simply means for any action you will get money when someone does an action this action can be just registration on the site that put his email address or just download the app file or maybe mouse click on an ad or even buy a product so all of these actions you can get paid for with CPA marketing. Note, that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

A lot of stuff online that promise quick wealth is not just real. So to be honest if you want to achieve this number in thirty days you need to work hard for about two or three hours every day following this guide. You can do this on any device. Though some tasks may become difficult if the screen is small

Can You start for free?

Yes, you can get started for free. You will simply choose an offer and promote it. This offer will be as simple as putting in an email address or registering in an application or filling out a survey You are not selling anything. This is what makes it fairly simple for beginners. So these are the concepts you need to understand.

Here is My 500$ in 30 Days CPA Marketing Blueprint

1. Find the right offer

The first step in CPA marketing is finding the right offer. How can we find the right offer? I will share with you two sites that will make things a lot easier for you. They are my favorite CPA network- and MyLead. You can check other reviews of other customers of these two networks, they are superb.


According to glassdoor, Admitad has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5, based on over 49 reviews left anonymously by employees. 95% of employees would recommend working at Admitad to a friend and 75% have a positive outlook for the business. This rating has improved by 8% over the last 12 months.

Working with Admitad has many benefits, one of which is its thorough, understandable, and well-organized reporting system. As a result, they deliver lucid and thorough reports. You will receive a vast amount of data that has been arranged logically and in beneficial ways, and you will also be able to thoroughly examine and trace all impressions, clicks, and activities.

There are numerous offers on Admitad, all of which have high conversion rates. I’d suggest checking out deals from sites like Aliexpress, GearBest, Tomtop, Tiny Deal, HotspotShield, DHgate, TVC-Mall, and many others.


MyLead affiliate network has received a consumer rating of 4.67 stars from 24 reviews, which indicates that most customers are typically happy with their purchases, according to Sitejabber. They are excellent, and the payment process was simple and quick!
“The fastest-growing affiliate network where customer service treats people with professionalism and gives them all of the attention. You can always rely on them for quick payouts and assistance in making money online. I strongly advise!” ” MyLead has the best support, in my opinion.

As a beginner, you should always start with pay-per-lead programs (CPL). For example, Sendinblue will pay you for registering new customers. ‘Constant contact’ pays you five dollars for each registration without selling anything. If someone signs up you will get paid.

Also, you can do some research on google to find a CPL commission program in your field that you can promote. CPL is a cost per potential customer that when someone signs up you will be paid.

There are many other CPA networks you can join, which allow you to get approval easily. Like Adsterra,, and other networks. There are many networks now for starters you can start with CPAlead or CPAgrip which allows you to get approval easily. This network and start with these networks to get some experience and learn.

Fake CPA networks

When it comes to CPA and affiliate marketing, especially in CPA we have a lot many fake offers. A lot of unethical offers promote things related to pornography or possibly drug-related, and sometimes they are just fake offers to collect and steal information from users so be careful please take this as real advice, and for me, I avoid any offers on these networks to be on the safe side I use real software like Semrush like constant contact like Sendinblue or simply search on google and find real software. I test and guarantee it works and nothing hurt people and then I promote it.


Another thing to take care of when finding an offer is cookies. In affiliate marketing, cookies are a small block of data that is left on the browser. When people click on your promotion link, this data will stay on their browser. This cookie will be saved the day the user opens the link and it will be available for about 30 days or 60 days and so on so even if he signs up later like after 20 days you will get commission.

Keep cookie duration in mind. Choose a program that has at least 30 days or maybe 60 days of cookie duration

2. Build Sales Funnel

The second step is to build your money making machine by creating sales funnel. for a product, you want to promote. This is super simple.

How do you do it? Here are five strategies in CPA

Use a content locker: This means you can simply offer users a free download file and if they want to get the free download they will complete an offer and you will be paid when they complete It’s that simple

Build a website: The next strategy is to build a website around your offer I’ll show you some examples shortly

Create viral texts: The third method or strategy is to build viral texts This is one of the best ways to get people to complete a CPA presentation like building a personality text and if they want to get a score they should complete the presentation

You can also build review sites a site that reviews some products and services and then add your commission or CPA link.

You can also simply build a landing page around your offer by promoting a specific product. Instead of promoting your commission link, you’ll can promote your landing page.


A good example of a website doing marketing for CPA and I mean just CPA maybe you can get some ideas is nerdwallet. If you click on The credit cards will give you options for the services that manage and deal with these credit cards.

If you click the credit cards tab, it will give you this table here below click on the app now and it will take you to a CPA page or landing page and so on so this site is built to promote services and products.


Another one is “money supermarket again loans Car insurance and credit cards choose any of these services, for example, you will see a brand and you need to complete the registration process this way you complete a CPA offer, etc. These are examples of websites created to promote CPA offers.

You can have a website dedicated to a specific product or promote multiple products on a review site.

3. Promoting Your Product

This is the main step in CPA. In order to promote CPA products, there are three strategies

Firstly, Paid Ads, basically, Native Ads: There are a lot of Native Ads netork like and like and many others. You can test it if you have a budget to promote your products and landing pages.

Secondly, SEO: This strategy especially if you have a website or blog is a better choice. SEO is all about getting organic traffic to your offer or landing pages. It involves good work and time for you to start seeing results, but it works. Building backlinks, optimizing your content for keywords. is a king in providing SEO tools for your website.

Thirdly, Social media. this method of promotion is free and you can generate a lot of leads to your commission link when done properly.

Tracking and A/B Testing

Two important concepts you need to understand for you are that you have to understand two things when it comes to CPA and affiliate marketing which are tracking and split A/B testing.

When you are running a campaign, especially in paid advertising campaigns or promoting any product. Use a link shortener and link tracker to track and analyze your links.

A/B testing, commonly referred to as split testing or bucket testing, evaluates two versions of a website or app to see which one works better.


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