What are 5 Proven Foods That Help Manage Your Blood Pressure

World Health Organization said the number of adults aged 30-79 years with high blood pressure has increased from 650 million to 1.28 billion in the last thirty years. [1]

According to Joy Bauert a nutritionist, there are certain foods you can actually eat to help you manage your blood pressure.

What exactly defines high blood pressure imagine this our blood carries oxygen and nutrients throughout our body using a network of these tiny little vessels they’re like small tubes now as the blood travels it exerts pressure on the vessel walls which are known as blood pressure if the pressure gets intense it’s high blood pressure.

Blood Vessel A, is a normal healthy blood vessel. Soft and flexible allows blood to flow effortlessly. but arteries thicken and harden with age as a result of plaque buildup. The consequence is narrow, stiff arteries, and they increase

Blood Vessel B, this vessel demonstrates high blood pressure. Distressed, there’s plaque within the wall so it’s a narrowed space, and also this wall will have a hard time. Stiffed, hardened, and contracting but it’ll exert a lot of energy. Another thing is if this guy or gal who owns this vessel takes in a lot of salt, salt draws in water and increases the volume which will then increase the blood pressure even further.

The foods that actually help you manage your blood pressure the first one people are going to like the sound of is

Cocoa Powder

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Everybody seems to know the virtues of dark chocolate but the real hero is the cocoa powder that’s within the dark chocolate because that’s where all the flavonols are housed. That’s what helps to keep our blood vessels healthy and elastic.

Pick up some cocoa powder you could put it in smoothies you could put it in oatmeal you can also put a little bit of your morning coffee. It is delicious and healthy for your blood vessel.


This is another key food it’s a triple threat. High in potassium, magnesium, and folate. Potassium is a sort of anti-sodium. Sodium draws in water, potassium flushes it out, and flushes the sodium out. Instead of lettuce on a sandwich put spinach leaves. Also, if you have a simmering pot of soup on the stove or marinara sauce dump those spinach leaves, in stir it. It’s extra yummy and is a great idea.


Garlic is another one. Does it have to be raw garlic? No. It could be powder it could be mince garlic or roasted garlic. Garlic has two active ingredients one is called allicin which keeps the lining of the cells healthy. Another active ingredient that acts as an ACE inhibitor, is a prescription medication but there are no side effects. Roasting garlic is one of the most delicious things ever and it’s super easy.

White Beans

All beans are great for your heart because they have protein, fiber, potassium, and magnesium. But I am highlighting white beans as the superhero here because they have the added benefit of calcium and calcium.

White bean helps our blood vessels to contract and dilate. If you make a soup, instead of using cream to thicken it up you can add a white bean (get a can of white bean, puree it) and it is delicious.


Finally, pumpkin is loaded with potassium remember pea for pumpkin pea for potassium flushes out that sodium and fluid and you can take canned pumpkin puree it’s available year-round and you can make a nice pumpkin pudding.

Include these five great ingredients in your diet to help you manage your blood pressure.

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