8 Reasons You Should Eat Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are not all orange. Some have their skins and insides white, brown, pink, purple, red. Ranges in color brings about difference in nutrients present in sweet potatoes. Here are 8 reason you have to include sweet potatoes into your diet.

Rich in Antioxidant

Purple-fleshed sweet potatoes are said to be very rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents. These substances are able to balance out free radicals— chemicals that cause damage to body cells.

Super-high Vitamin A

A medium baked sweet potato can supply your body a very large 400% of vitamin A needed for healthy functioning of your eyes and skin and help stay off illness.

A Beta Carotene Boost

Deep-orange sweet potatoes are high in antioxidant– beta-carotene which can keep off illness. This might include cancers as well as eye disease.

Cancer-Fighting Compounds

Laboratory experiment revealed these colorful spuds contain protease, a unique protein inhibitor. It appeared to halt some growth when tested against cancer cells.

Vitamins and Minerals

Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin C, which boost your immune system. Calcium bolsters your bones, while potassium levels help control blood pressure.

Better For Blood Sugar

White potatoes, the ones you normally eat baked or as French fries, rank high on the glycemic index, which shows how faster food affects the level of sugar in your blood. Sweets rank lower, they also have enough fibre about five grams in ¾ cup serving, which slows digestion and makes you feel fuller.

Fabulous Fiber

Should you be trying to trim down, they’re filled with filling fibers. To have a great meal, bake sweet potatoes in the skin, otherwise serve them on the side, roasted, mashed or cut into savory stew. white potatoes have their properties — both tater types are fat-free, but sweet potatoes have a fewer calories and carbs.

Plenty Iron

Sweets are rich in iron, this makes them adorable material for vegetarians and vegans. Meat contain heme iron, which your body can easily absorbed than non-heme types that is present in fruits, veggies, and nuts. But when you take foods rich in vitamin C, like sweet potatoes, your body will absorb this non-heme iron better.

Healthy Process

The way you prepare your sweets can make a great difference in the nutrition you will get from the dish. A study revealed how many carotenoids e.g beta-carotene, you’ll in the food after cooking. Oven baking turns out the simplest method to conserve high proportion of nutrient afterward.

Sweet History

Sweet potatoes often get confused with other veggies. Most often it’s yams. Truth is, they come from a far older family. Sweet potatoes can be traced back to prehistoric Ecuador and Peru. Yams, which are native to West Africa and Asia, only date back to 50,000 B.C. They are planted outside those areas, so that dish labeled yams might really be sweet potatoes.

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