The word calorie is a term those striving to lose weight are very familiar with. There are many options to help burn those fat, and the path you take is absolutely up to you. If you have chosen exercises, then you should be able to follow through consistently until a significant amount of change is noticed.

In the same way that some choose exercising as a weight loss measure, some others opt to diet, and this article would be focused on those who have chosen to go down the diet lane. We understand that one of the struggles of losing weight is reducing your calories, and this is because of the type of food you are used to eating. Your body and sense of taste have been conditioned to certain kinds of meals and taste that you find it hard just to switch automatically, but we are here to help you out with low calories meals and snacks as well as recipes that you can choose from.

We will be starting with low-calorie snacks. These are the natural fruits and snacks that you can eat to make sure you are on the right weight loss path while you still get to eat from the circle of what you like. There are lots of low-calorie snacks but to mention a few we have:There are other snacks you can try your hands on such as dark chocolate, Greek yogurt, celery, kale chips, almonds, and a list of other snacks.


Nuts are excellent for losing weight when added to your diet. They are even better when they are mixed. On average, the amount of calories you get from a round of mixed nut snacks is about 160 or more calories.

Apple with Peanut butter:

You can get your taste buds treated to slices of apples eaten with peanut butter. Since apple contains fiber and peanut butter contains protein, a mixture of the two offers you over 200 calories.

Other Snacks

There are other snacks you can try your hands on such as dark chocolate, Greek yogurt, celery, kale chips, almonds, and a list of other snacks.

If you are looking to have a low-calorie meal, then you probably would have a lot of options to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the options you are open to among a plethora of meals.


Fish is one meal that offers you a low amount of calorie when eaten. The best part is that you can cook fish in different ways. You can boil it in a soup, you can grill it, you can fry it, you can do creative things with it, and one serving of fish gives you about 70 calories.


Oats are another great meal to help find low calories. Oats also have fiber which helps to move your bowels and makes you live healthier. One serving of oat offers you about 140 calories.

Other healthy meals would include leafy greens, boiled potatoes, chicken breasts, cheese and list of others.

The fun thing about these low-calorie recipes is that you can find as many recipes online as possible. There is no limit to the possibility of combination you can have. There are a million and one ways you can make your recipes to taste like what you want.


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