Earn $500 Monthly Just By Downloading These 3 Apps!

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In this post, I want to share with you three exciting sites where you can make hundreds of dollars a month just by doing nothing other than downloading the Apps.
There are multiple ways of making money and you don’t ever want to rely on one way you want to have multiple streams of income and that’s the world that we live in.

With these three sites, you can begin to earn passive income online. all you have to do is to download their App on your phone or any device. If you have a good internet connection and want a passive way to make money online, you’ll want to download these applications to your phone.
They’re one of the few sites that will allow you to make money completely passively if you join with the ideal mindset.

Basically, for these sites, what they do is that, after you signed up, you download their apps from their dashboard on your devices. These apps are also available on google play and the Apple store. They collect your internet usage (traffic), sell it to third parties, and then you earn a lot of money. It’s that easy it’s really that easy and your privacy and personal data are protected. Note they do not collect your personal data or access your phone memory. 100% privacy protected.


it’s on the google play store. It is also available on mostly all devices. What this app does is that you download it runs it in the background and then it takes your own used internet data and then it sells to third parties. Now I know you’ll probably have some concerns.

Oh, you’re selling my personal data to third parties? Do you mean my files are not safe? No that’s not how they do it. They don’t access your memory, they don’t access your personal data or your privacy.

Honeygain will only sell your internet usage to data analyst companies. Many companies out there use this traffic data to evaluate the products and services they offer on the internet, and also to improve their apps. The only thing they’re going to be asking for is how they can pay you they pay via PayPal or Bitcoin. Honeygain is Legit. No investment just sign up and download their app to your device from your dashboard Click this button to get started.

IPRoyal Pawn

Basically, IPRoyal Pawn is the same as Honeygain. The only difference is that your threshold to get paid is $5, unlike honey gain which is $20. Once you make $5 you can cash out. IPRoyal Pawn is available on all devices as well. Sign up from the link below to get a $1 signup bonus. This is simple and straightforward. You’ll need to confirm your email in all cases. Then from their dashboard, you can now download the app.

After you’ve downloaded it, simply follow the setup instructions to finish the installation. After you’ve set up the application, you can simply leave it running in the background to begin making money. All you have to do now is sit back and relax while the program takes care of the heavy lifting.


This site is just like the other two but it’s a bit different in the fact that it actually sells your own user data to individuals so it doesn’t sell to companies and then to data scientists it sells to individuals but basically it’s the same thing you decide how much information that you want them to have it just runs in the background and then at the end of the month you get your money.

Peer2Profit is a legitimate bandwidth-sharing site that will compensate you for idle internet bandwidth. Offers a way to earn good passive income with no investment. It pays more than the rest of the other bandwidth-sharing sites. Click the button below to get started


If you want to earn some extra cash online at no investment, one of the simplest methods to do so is to download these three apps to your phone or computer. You’ll make more money if you can grab your hand on the referral link in your dashboard and share it with your friends as I do in this post.
All of these Apps have been thoroughly vetted by me, and they are all legitimate, free to join, and an excellent way to start earning money slowly.

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